Chhalaang Movie Review on Bmovies

About Cast and Crew of Chhalaang Film

The Chhalaang is basically Drama movie and it is directed by Hansal Mehta and produced by Luv Ranjan, Ajay Devgan, Ankur Garg and Bhushan Kumar. Released on Amazon Prime. The cast of the film is Rajkummar Rao as Mahinder Hooda/Montu, Nushrat Bharucha as Neelima, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as I.M. Singh, Ila Arun as Principal Ushal Gehlot, Saurabh Shukla as Shukla, Satish Kaushik and more.


The Film start from the showing of carrier of Montu who was PTI teacher in school and was not dedicated in his job. Shukla always been with Montu, He is also ex principal of that school. They both capture the lovers on the public society and complaint about them, that time one old age couples found by them and got on the news, they was Neelima parents. After some days new teacher join the school and came for teaching computer, Montu immediately fall in first sight love and start buttering her, but she know that montu was the one who did wrong with their parents, after some days he understand that couples things in the public society is not a crime and he apologize her and both go for a drink, but Neelima doest like the place after that they drink on the terrace with Shukla and Montu’s friend Dimpy.

Chhalaang Full movie Snippet on Bmovies.

After a day new PTI (I.M Singh) join the school and principal Ushal invite him because he is more qualified and know more about sports but Montu doesn’t like it and talk about this to principal, she tell her that salary is the same you just have to work with him. Mr. Singh and Montu start training students and he also see that Neelima was attracting towards Singh, he drop her on his Bullet to her home. Montu purpose her in front of their parents but she neglect him and Montu leave her and doesn’t look her back again. 3rd day both got fight and both called in the principal office. Montu challenges him that choose any 3 sports and make your own team, who will win will got this job.

Principal not agree with this, Shukla make her understand that this will make change and then, three sports were choosen that was Basketball, Race and Kabaddi. Montu give Singh first opportunity to select the students, after that montu select random students because sports player wasn’t left any more. Both start training their students, but after some time he get to know that these students can’t play that time Neelima comes to him and ask to meet in the evening but he decline and start taunting with the name of singh. In evening at her place he visit and see she was teaching dance those students who was not able to dance, Neelima teach him that we are teachers our work is to teach at our best level and his father also encourage him and support him.

Montu start training their students by different training methods and by fear they got understanding the techniques and enhancing their stamina, strength and endurance. Before the competition all parents disagree to play their children’s in sports and take them to home. Montu’s father was an advocate, Neelima with him visit all parents and by blackmailing or by some tricks they manuplate them to send their students to school on the competition day.

Everything was settled, students were ready to compete. First Match of basketball got started and Singh’s team beat other team with only 8 points. Montu was so happy but students wasn’t happy with the result but montu tell them this was the team which can defeat you with 80 Points lead but they won only by 8 points. Pinky was the one who performed very well and got injured.

Next sport was race and he decide last student was specks boy, Meelima objection to him that he will get pressure and not able to reach the line but he doesn’t listen. At the time of that boy he get the dogs to bark on the mike, Boy got fear and run so fast and reach the line. Montu’s team won the 2nd sports. Next day in Kabaddi match one player got injured and not able to perform that time pinky was ready to perform. Montu’s team was losing the match and the last player Pinky was left to perform and they want more than 6 points. Pinky perform beyond the thought of everyone, she got everyone on the line with her and won the match.

The Important thing in Chhalaang :

Montu give a speech and also move forward to singh with friendship bond and tell him that if he doesn’t come in his life he will never become serious and motivate towards his job and offer him to work together. This film teach us a very good lesion that we should never give up.

The movie rating is also good it is near about 7.9 on IMDB.


Laxmii (Laxmmi Bomb) Review Bmovies

Laxmii Cast

Laxmii movies is based on transgender horror story it is also an inspirational story. Film is directed by Raghava Lawrence and produced by Shabinaa Khan and Tusshar Kapoor. In the cast of the film is Akshay Kumar as Asif / Laxmi, Kiara Advani as Rashmi, Sharad Kelkar as Laxmi, Manu Rishi Chadha as Deepak, Ashwini Kalsekar as Ashwini, Rajesh Sharma as Sachin, Ayesha Raza as Ratna, Tarun Arora as MLA Girja and more. The main character of the film is Akshay Kumar and Sharad Kelkar.

Story of Laxmii on Bmovies

The start was from the Asif and Rashmi who leaved their home and run for marriage. They have a teen age boy who calls everyone by their name and also living happily but Rashmi got sad because of her family wasn’t with them 3 years went. On the day of anniversary she got call from her mother name Ratna and Ratna ask them to come home.

They go and meet every one in the family of Rashmi but Rashmi father’s (Sachin) wasn’t happy to see them and aslo don’t accept Asif. Asif and childerens decide to play cricket but they don’t have any ground to play but Asif ask for the empty plot Everyone refuse to play because that place known as haunted house but Asif says when he saw a ghost he will wear bangles. He assist everyone and go that place to play immideatly weather get change and he was fitting the stumps but stups got hit to the dead body, rain comes and everyone go home. Stumps was full of blood, he wash them in the plants.

Asif make Rashmi father to accept him and Sachin Ask him to make grass lemon tea, he tear some leaves from that plant in which he washed the blood, but Sachin didn’t drink tea so Asif drink it and then the ghost enter in his body. Asif start behaving like lady, he brought sarees, wear bangles and play with them in the night, bath with turmeric. Ashwini the wife of Deepak, Deepak is Rashmi’s brother, so Ashwini watch him doing all of this. She and Ratna went to a Baba and tell everything he give him some test to testify the ghost in the house, they verified the appearance of ghost in their house. Then baba denied to do anything because he can’t fight that high level ghost’s.

Ashwini ask him in front of everything then real laxmii says so you all get it know now good let’s eat together. But everyone fear with her and no body go near to asif. Laxmii in the body of Asif start killing peoples. Ratna and all family take him to Peer Baba and and he do some tricks and say he will come home and do some Pooja. Asif sit on the chair in the form of laxmii and Pooja got started, Laxmii start black mailing some peoples threatening family, so everyone run only one left who doesn’t have anything to loose, he ask her why she is here and then kept her in bottle.

What happened with Laxmii why she is so aggressive?

Laxmii was born in a middle class house and got kicked because of his unnatural behavior, she was a transgender, then a muslim Abdul Chacha adopt him and say live anyway you like and give him a new name laxmii. Abdul Chacha also having a child whose brain is having medical issue, he live like child always. Laxmii start doing work after some year’s she found same as her, she want to make her carrier. Laxmii brought a plot which was captured by MLA girja, she went to get her house she beat everyone and at last Girja give her plot papers, but his wife stab her in back and kill her, they also kill Abdul Chacha and small child. They bury them in their own plot from then no one able to visit that place. This was the whole story of Laxmii.

Baba Give asif a Taveej (bracelet) to wear some days, and through the bottle in the river. But Asif was not satisfied with it he want that Laxmii should get justice, so he unwind the bracelet and let her enter his body to get justice, She kill all of Girja family member’s and then she leave his body and everything got settled but after some months. She come back in his body because some people was misbehaving with her child.

How was the Audience Review?

The movie rating is very low 2.3 on IMDB and no one appreciating this film, because this type of movie was released before. The audience appreciate Akshay Kumar and Sharad Kelkar acting because they did very grateful work. But the story of the film wasn’t beatable as everyone expecting.

Sardaar Ji

Sardaar Ji movie is comedy and drama based film. The Film is directed by Rohit Jugraj Chauhan. In the film is Diljit Dosanjh as JaggiNeeru Bajwa as PinkyMandy Takhar as JasmineJaswinder Bhalla as Amreek SinghAli Kazmi as Bilal ChaudhryAnita Kailey as Ruksana Bibi.

Sardaar Ji movie snippet:

Jaggi was a kid when he learned to fight because his parents was dead in his small age. Jaggi is a ghost buster and his is having his own friends all ghost’s. He caught ghosts in his bottle and take them to his collection. He was waiting for her queen ghost and also having a big bottle for her queen.

Jaggi got a call for ghost busting but he didn’t take calls on Sunday but his partner gives him greed of her queen ghost, but the ghost was found a male. The other side Bilal Chaudhry want a house ghost free where Queen was invited on his marriage but no one was able to bust that ghost. Bilal heard his name so much and calls him and book his flight and call him in U.K.

Jaggi Reached UK and Found Her Queen.

Jaggi visit to that castle and found her queen there but she was so rude with her and didn’t talk her name was Pinky. Jaggi comes out without any harmed everyone is so happy to see him. Jaggi found her home and visit to meet her mother. Next day he visit again and this time he do the favorite things of Pinky and impress her. Pinky make a deal with her if he bring Jasmine to this castle then she will leave. Pinky told the story between both of them and why want jasmine in the castle, the reason is jasmine killed her.

Jaggi and Jasmine Love Story Begins

Jaggi find Jasmine and found that jasmine is a salsa teacher so he deposit all the fees but he join in between the semester but Jaggi claims he know basic salsa so Jasmine put test for him next day. Pinky says it’s impossible to learn salsa in one day but Jaggi insist her to teach. Next day he went for the test but he wasn’t passed and Jasmine tear his admission form, then he started real salsa and also do bhangra but she didn’t impressed. Next day everyone leaved the class and joined bhangra class. Jaggi and jasmine rehearsal as a couple but Jaggi run from there. After a day he found a new teacher but he didn’t want to learn from her. Jaggi visit to jasmine home there they collide together and got their clothes wet then after some minutes they eat snacks and Jaggi tells her about his girlfriend Lucy jasmine ask him for dinner together with Lucy.

Jaggi’s Lie Got Caught

Jaggi didn’t have any girlfriend he ask Bilal for a girlfriend but she drink a lot and didn’t eat anything and leave then they went a restaurant together Lucy leave from there by mistake jasmine drink alcohol and they enjoy that night together and made very funny videos and pictures together a very good moments. After a day he was visiting Pinky mom house he saw jasmine putting money in her mailbox. Jasmine hide out there and then tells the whole story between pinky and jasmine. She says that was an accident I didn’t want to kill her. Jasmine also tell him her feeling about him. Jaggi aslo fall in love with her and say her I love you. But after a day he tells the truth that he was sent to bring her to the Castle. Jasmine was so upset with him and said to leave her alone.

End story of The Film

Bilal marriage day has come and Jaggi was not able to do anything but Jasmine visit to the castle, Jaggi run and enter the castle and solve their misunderstanding. Pinky forget her about what she did with her, Jasime with a happiness leave out the castle but Jaggi wasn’t happy he went back to the castle and brink pinky back with him and they live happy together. The movie rating was so good and it’s so funny you should watch with your family and friends and enjoy the movie.

Saadi Love Story

Story of this movie is very interesting there is so much suspense in the movie at different places. The main movie cast is Diljit Dosanjh as Rajveer No. 2Surveen Chawla as Preeti KaurAmrinder Gill as Rajveer No. 1Neetu Singh as Gurleen Kaur. This great film is directed by Dheeraj Ratta.

Story Begins:

Gurleen’s Family came to meet her and tell about the Vikram with whome they fixed her marriage, but gurleen says she loves Rajveer and she need 50 lakh rupees for their own business. Mr. Brar her Grandfather declined her demand and go home. At home Preeti gets to know about that all she insist her Nanu to give them money. Preeti call her sister and tell this good news. Gurleen was so happy and driving but accident happened with her and lost in Koma. Some days after News got viral on newspaper then Rajveer comes home and tell them his love story with Gurleen.

Rajveer No. 1 Love Story with Gurleen Kaur

Rajveer is a struggling photographer he meet her at the auto stand both are waiting for auto but she thinks that he is following her then some bad boys come and misbehave with gurleen, Rajveer saves her and then drop her to college but she left her ID card so he went to the girl hostel to give her ID card then someone saw him and call police Rajveer hide in her room but she tells everyone they are friends and he came to give her ID card. Mrs. Brar support him and Preeti enjoy the love story, Mr. Brar and Preeti Bhua didn’t like him.

Rajveer No. 2 Love Story with Gurleen Kaur

Rajveer No. 2 is a singer and he tells that they both meet at the petrol pump and fighting with each other for money. Next day Rajveer gets to know that he did a mistake and he went back to her to give money but this time she call some boys and tell that Rajveer is misbehaving with her then He beat all of them and then give her money. Both went for coffee and then he invites gurleen to his club concert. Gurleen got too drunk and went to rajveer house with him. At that moment they fall in Love. Bhua like him and also support him but this time also Mr. Brar and Mrs. Brar didn’t like him.

Rajveer No. 1 and Rajveer No. 2 got face to face and fought with each other. They ask for 50 Lakh for their business but Mr. Brar didn’t ready to give money to them, because one of them is fraud. Mrs. Brar and Bhua for them get on hunger strike. Rajveer No. 1 and Rajveer No. 2 takes their own plates and feed them. Preeti again insist Mr. Brar to give them money and say we have so much where we will take this all.

When Gurleen Comes Back

Mr. Brar ready to give them money but phone rings from hospital and news was that Gurleen got recovered but then Gurleen act as she lost her memory. At home she tells her sister preeti that she didn’t lost her memory and there is no Rajveer in her Life. They meet both to Rajveer’s and tell them truth and also ask why you are here and how you know all about that.

Climax scene of The Film

Rajveer No. 1 and Rajveer No. 2 was on the place where they heard talking sisters about all this on phone. After News they decided to get the money both sister promise them they will give 30 lakh to each of them. But both didn’t take money and leave the house. Next Day Gurleen tell’s the truth to everyone. Mr. Brar didn’t happy to know about the truth, he says after a long time happiness entered in this house but you take that away with your truth.

Finale Moment of the film

Preeti call both of them and tell what happened and tell them Gurleen’s true love was Vikram and he is getting married because of that Gurleen leaving to L.A. Rajveer No. 1 and Rajveer No. 2 find Vikram and leave him with Gurleen at the Airport, Rajveer No. 1 found his photographer girl which one was gonna marry with Vikram. Mr. Brar call him his own son and fix their marriage. At second face Rajveer No. 2 was purposed by Preeti and happy ending.


Team of Malang Film

Malang movie is all about the journey of a single boy and single girl. The main star role is played by Anil Kapoor as Inspector Anjaney Agashe, Aditya Roy Kapur as Advait ThakurDisha Patani as Sara NambiarKunal Khemu as Michael Rodrigues. Director and the Producer of the film is Mohit Suri and Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar.


Advait was so tensed with his all family matter issues so he decided to go on a tour. He gave his family picture to random knacker. He smoke a lot of drugs and alcohol. He was enjoying alone on the goa beach and drinking, watching the crackers in the sky. He clash with a girl whose name was Sara, Sara entry in the film was very good she came out of airport alone and give her laptop and cell phone to a beggar, at the place of party suddenly police came and raid on that place then Advait jumped from the wall and also get that girl with him. They ride on a bullet bike and in the searching of late night party.

Is Malang Movie All about the Drugs?

They went to a party and started finding drug pills, then they meet a person name Jessie who gave them eggs. Advait suggest her to take only half-half but Sara say live your life open and both take one-one pill and get high. After night in the morning Sara decided to go on her own way and tell Advait to go on his way. He also ask her for a contact number but she didn’t have any cell phone. She went on her way but Advait follows her and both decide to go together. They meet Jessie again on the beach where Jessie was so high in the drugs she always carry injection as a medication of high intoxication they save her.

The Diversion in the story

Everything going fine they are living their lives and enjoying well then Sara got pregnancy and tells him Advait got tensed and gone in the deep thought. Next day he left his camera in which all memories was kept and went for home then he meet first his old friend and his wife seeing of their he inspired by them and run for her Sara. Sara was not decided to abort her child she went to Jessie and tells everything. Jessie went out to get something to celebrate with her. Jessie do the drug dealing and prostitution for her needs. New character enters in the film a police officer whose name was Michael came to her and give money for sex but Jessie wasn’t there so Sara said no but Michael force her and Sara hit him with a lamp on the door Advait was knocking and smash the door enters and save her. Michael got injured police came Michael friends take them on the bridge and there Michael and their friend give them a drug injection Advait was not able to do anything, Sara tells him that she is pregnant but he didn’t listen and through her in the river. Advait got caught in the jail. After 5 years he came out.

When Killing’s Get Started.

He call a Police man named as Anjaney Agashe because he was a good man in the film, once her daughter got killed in the police raid on the party by a drug dealer. Then Agashe got out of control he encounter every criminal and started doing drugs and drinking. Advait call him before the killing of Michael’s one friend and say happy solstice. He killed every friend of Michael and got caught on the last killing but police doesn’t have any proof of his killings. Michael killed Jassie also. Then Agashe decided to encounter him. He sent everyone’s home and take him out on the same bridge. On the way to the bridge Agashe remind his face on her daughter’s death place. Where Advait was trying to save Sara there.

Malang movie Exposure

When Agashe was ready to shoot him, He ask him why all this, then he told him everything, that if I wasn’t caught in the jail then how Michael will go his home. On the other side Michael’s wife Teresa’s affair exposed and also know that Michael was not able to do physical relationship. Michael try to kill his wife but then Sara came and kill him, also save Teresa.

How Sara Got Survived?

Everyone want to know how she survived then in the movie shown that Jessie saw her when she is falling in the river, she get her out and give her recovery injection but her child didn’t survived. Agashe heard the news of Michael’s death and went for investigation but Teresa didn’t tell anything and case get closed.

Will Be There 2nd Part Of Malang?

In the film shown that Sara call Agashe and she is going to kill somebody then movie ends. As this movie got very good audience response and good rating so we can expect 2nd part of Malang.

Dil Bechara – Shushant Singh Rajput

Shushant Singh Rajput Latest Movie (After his death) – This was the last Film of Shushant Singh Rajput which was filmed all about Love and life. In the starting of film, both character Kizie Basu and Manny was surviving with some health issues. Kizie Basu having cancer and Manny lost his one leg. Manny wasn’t able to pass out the graduation. His best friend was Jagdish Panday who was not able to see clearly and after some time he lost his eyes.

Once he comes on the stage and sing-song Dil Bechara friend zone ka mara. Then they met for the first time both. Slowly with the time drain, they both started to spend some time together. Once they both were on the beach type place and many say her you are my girlfriend but Kizie Basu says I’m not your girlfriend then manny says “chal juthi” or liar, this was the most lovable moment of Shushant Singh.

Movie Teach Us To Live Happy & Enjoy Life.

Manny and Jagdish Panday were shooting a film copying Rajinikanth sir action. Both were shooting together then they need a heroine in their movie Kizie was ready to do the shoot then Jagdish got an operation and lost his eyes but they didn’t stop shooting their film.

Manny has a reason to enjoy his life he says his father is rich so he doesn’t have to do any job. Kizie was about to die she doesn’t have much time to live her life. Kizie stop taking his calls and started ignoring him but manny directly enter her house through the window.

The important thing in Dil Bechara -:

Her last wishes were to meet her favourite singer she got the reply on mail by him about to meet in Paris. She was very excited to go to Paris but she got a medical issue and not allow to travel. But at last by forcing everybody her mother and Manny was ready to travel with her for caring.

All well reached Paris then manny and Kizie met the Singer named Abhimanyu but they weren’t happy to meet him. Kizie leaves the restaurant crying then they both go to the rides and enjoy travelling. They get back to their home.

Twist In The Story -:

Accidently Manny got the heart pain and everything got twisted. Kizie purposes him and says “I Love you” but manny doesn’t reply her back and say I can’t be with you more because he is having some kind of tree of cancer and was about to die in some days. Day by day manny getting sicker.

At last, he is having some counted days to live, the main focus was on the Kizie that she is about to die but the film gets the twist and then manny was about to die before her. Manny wants to listen to his ceremony speech by their friends Kizie and Jagdish Panday. They meet in the church and then manny listen to their speech and got cried with happiness.

After 2 days manny dies. In his memory film was shown on the screen and everyone enjoyed their film and missed him.

Good Newwz

Good Newwz Story :- As we know Akshay Kumar always comes with a new story and full of entertainment. This movie is also full of drama and comedy. In this movie, there are two Batra families. One of Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor as Varun Batra and Deepti Batra other is Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani as Honey Batra and Monika Batra.

Main Issue of The Characters

The problem is Deepti family members always ask them for baby but the reality was Deepti was not getting pregnant. Deepti and Varun tried everything for that once Varun’s sister gives them the advice to go for a checkup to Dr Anand Joshi. Dr Anand Joshi does the IVF in visual fertilization, in which the sperm of man directly fertilize into the women egg. He guarantees them that all will be done carefully and also say that we have good fertilization team.

Unwanted Twist Of the Film

At the reception, Batra name called then two Batra families collide with each other that time for the first. After that both Varun, Deepti and honey, Monika in the doctor’s cabin. Dr Anand Joshi and his wife Dr Sandhya Joshi tell them that they have done a mistake. The mistake is Varun’s sperm fertilized into Monika’s egg and Honey’s sperm got fertilized into Deepti’s egg. Both got out of control of anger, Honey call sperm as spam which was so funny.

No one was able to do anything doctors apologize for their mistakes. Everyone went their home after a day honey call to Varun and ask that his son is good or not, Varun shouts on him and cut the call. They went to their house but Varun and Deepti ignore them and shut the door. Honey and Monika buy a flat in their apartment for a daily checkup and take care of his child which was in the Deepti’s stomach.

Movie Teach Us to Accept What Life Gives Us

Varun appoints a paper in which written that after the delivery Honey will not have any authorization on his child and as well as Varun. But Honey doesn’t agree on that and tears a part of the papers. Monika tries to make bonding with Deepti she meet her on the morning walk and ask for coffee and more. On the other side Honey also try to make bonding with Varun but Varun and honey got to fight in the bar and next day onwards they don’t talk to each other.

At the time of delivery, one of the babies was preborn and not healthy so the baby was in the O.T and fighting in between life and death. Then both families got emotional and make connections with each other. They don’t fight anymore with each other and accept them as they are. After someday baby got survived and after a week others family baby also got delivered. Both families were happy and meet each other’s child.

A happy end was able to see in this film. The story concept of this film was very food. The total box office of Good newzz is more than ₹200 crore. IMDB rating of this film is 7.


Movie Snippet :

The new joker came on the poster Joaquin Pheonix, his acting was mysterious and commendable. In the s tarting of film joker struggle too much for his job and work. He always got kicked by his owner and never got appreciation from their friends. In the family, he has only her mother who never tells her who was his dad. His mother struggling from some disease. Joker takes care of her mother, joker also having medical issues he laughs at any situation or any time.

Sad Thing About Joker

He doesn’t have many friends and always in the search of a job. He smokes a lot and also consults about his life to his doctor. He never got real happiness in his life but he is having a laughing problem so everyone thinks that he is too much happy all the time. Once he got interacted with the woman on his floor and they got some physical.

He follows his favourite comedian Murray Franklin, his mother and joker watch their show daily and enjoy a lot. Once he decides to become like him. Joker having his diary in which he wrote a lot of jokes. He went for the open comedy shows and step up on the stage he got nervous and not able to speak but after few minutes he opens his diary and read a joke but no one laugh on it so he’s got angry and came out of there.

Had Joker Tried to Meet His Father?

He got so much frustrated then her mother wrote a letter to his father and put it on the table and locked herself in the bathroom so that he will not get angry on her. That day joker got know that his father is Marry Franklin the great comedian. He controls himself and calls her mother out then his mother tells everything she tells him that his father doesn’t want to the world about me he paid me to raise you.

Her mother got admitted to the hospital. Joker wants to solve his financial problem so he went to his door and say “you are my father you have to take care of me” but Murray ignores him and throughout him out of his house.

When Joker Gets out of Control

After that joke comes to his apartment and go to his neighbour and kill her and also her child. Onward he went to the hospital and tell her mother that he never got happiness at once in his life but when he killed that woman and her child I got fun in my life.

Joker also kills his mother. He got invited on Murray Franklin show because his flop comedy video got viral on tv and internet so Murray calls him on his show. Joker gets to make up himself as colourful hair and red dress, white face, red smile very well. Everyone got impressed by his look on the show. When he steps on the stage and sit on the sofa he tells everybody the truth that he killed all of them everyone laughs on him.

Joker’s Real Comedy Comes

Joker says I know that it is the real fun but no one believes that but he says this the truth everybody got silenced. Then he pulled out his gun and kill Murray Franklin. Police caught him and taking him to jail but all public save him and the end scene was so good to see he stand up on the police car and wife his smile with his blood.

Joaquin Pheonix won the 2020 best acting Oscar award for his joker character in joker film. This movie rating is also high near about 8.5 out of 10 on the official IMDB.

Street Dancer 3D

This movie is based on dance basically. Inder battled in Ground zero and got injured in the last battle of his team. From then Inder getting recover and his brother Sahej dance with their friends D, Poddy, Shushi and more in streets which are known as Street Dancer. Inder visits his village for a marriage function where some Punjabi’s meet him by Chabbra and offer him some money in favour of them. They want to go in New York and make their life good with the help of sahej but sahej says no.

How Punjabi’s Come New York?

When Chabbra offers him more money also touch his heart emotionally then Sahej take them to New York. After reaching there they got disconnected with each other. Punjabi comes here to make a good life but there is nothing like that they got raid by police every day and homeless.

They run hiding from the police and play dhol for money. Other side Sahej bought a place with his money where their friend’s practice and his brother Inder teach small age students. Their opponents Inayat, zayn, Samaria and more which is known as Rule Breakers Pakistani dancers and Indian dancers compete with each other. They also fight between cricket match of India and Pakistan in the restaurant of Ram Prasad.

The Great Teaching Lesson In the Film

Ram Prasad save the food which is wasted by them and serve it to the homeless immigrants. One day Inayat saw him when Ram Prasad feeding them then Inayat decided that she will send them back to their countries and their homes. Ram Prasad knows that if both teams Street Dancer and Rule Breakers unite no one can defeat them. He said these words to Inayat but she refuses and Sahej also refused.

Both teams participate in ground zero competition. Street Dancer participates because Inder wants them to win this competition. Rule Breakers participate because they want to send homeless peoples to their homes. After one battle Sahej and his friends D, sushi and poddy join the team Royals. Inder wasn’t happy about that but doesn’t show it to sahej. Sahej girlfriend Mia is also in the royal’s team.

Sahej met the Punjabi person named Amrinder but he ignores him. Police also ask sahej that he knows about them but he ignored. After that rest of the Punjabi’s met him playing dhol in the street and the royal’s team caption cracks their dhol and slaps them. Sahej gave them money but they don’t take it sahej leaves from there and cry. After that, he decides to help Rule breakers and also wants to send those all homeless persons.

How They Win The Ground Zero Battle?

In the semifinals, Rule Breakers was at the endpoint of losing Sahej comes on the stage and fire the stage his friends also join and together they won the semifinals mia doesn’t like it. After that Sahej met them and hug Inayat together they decided to name their team street dancer. They started their practise for finals with royals. Inayat family doesn’t support dancing and her family got knew about that. Inayat was not able to join the team then sahej go to her house and tell them all how much she is a talented and good dancer. Everyone is ready to win the battle but when the performance gets started royal’s team member diffuses the lights then all the homeless immigrants start playing drums and cans. They win the show and sent them to their homes.


Tumbbad Movie Story :

“Poorti ki Devi” is the Devi who is the sign of Wheat and gold, this earth is a stomach of Devi. When everything started Devi gave birth 16 crore Devi and devta’s. Devi loves her firstborn son “Hastar”. But Hastar is very greedy he wants all wheat and gold of her mother. Hastar success in taking of gold but when he moves forward towards the wheat others Devi and devta’s attack he and Devi saved her but Devi takes a bet that his name never taken in future and no one will worship him. Many years hasted sleep in her mother’s arm but our elders make a temple of him and started worshiping him. From that day Tumbbad is in the rain because of the anger of others Devi and delta.

Who was Caught In the Room?

An old man keeps an old lady caught in a room because she was fast to go in and out from the well. His 2 son take care of her but she is having a curse of Hastar. One boy got dead and other leaves the Tumbbad with her mother. After many years Vinayak Rao comes back to Tumbbad and go to the room where his grandmother caught. She is now becoming a big tree they talk to each other and tell him how to get gold from the well but she warns him, Vinayak Rao is very greedy. He started to go down in the well and get gold and go back to his town. He always comes for 2 days a week and takes the gold.

Why Vinayak Rao Training His son for Climbing?

He never tells anything to anyone but he keeps training his son to go in the well and climb out from the well as fast as possible. He keeps getting gold from there and sold it in his town to pandit. Pandit also wants to know that form where he is getting all this.

After some years Vinayak Rao body becomes old and he is not able to go in the well. He comes home with empty hands. Then his son asks Vinayak to take him to Tumbbad. But Vinayak thinks he is not ready to go in the well. One day Pandit follows him to the Tumbbad and go in the well but Pandit doesn’t know how to do it and became the food of Hastar.

When Vinayak’s Son Got His Chance To Know The Truth

After this Vinayak decides to take his son to the Tumbbad. He taught him to make a doll of wheat because wheat is the hunger of Hastar and also a weakness for him. They both enter the well and make a circle of wheat and stand in the centre. Vinayak told him not to collect the coin but his son is also greedy as Vinayak was. Vinayak takes out the doll and through it to the Hastar suddenly his son go forward and collects the coin he was inches close to his death but Vinayak saves him and gets out of well.

When they come out Vinayak hit his son and told him not to come back again. One day Vinayak son gives him an idea that what about if we take Hastar bag. Vinayak and his son take a lot of wheat and leave for Tumbbad. They make a lot of dolls and enter in the well they make the circle and get a doll out.

Biggest Twist Of The Film

When they get one doll out one Hastar come but when they take 2 dolls out 2 Hastar come it makes them impossible to come out because they had many dolls and because of that ton of Hastar comes. Vinayak takes his bag and comes out well with his son.

Son was so happy but his father got cursed by the touch of Hastar so that his son kill Vinayak and go back to his home and never come back to Tumbbad.

House of the Dragon

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