Good Newwz

Good Newwz Story :- As we know Akshay Kumar always comes with a new story and full of entertainment. This movie is also full of drama and comedy. In this movie, there are two Batra families. One of Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor as Varun Batra and Deepti Batra other is Diljit Dosanjh and Kiara Advani as Honey Batra and Monika Batra.

Main Issue of The Characters

The problem is Deepti family members always ask them for baby but the reality was Deepti was not getting pregnant. Deepti and Varun tried everything for that once Varun’s sister gives them the advice to go for a checkup to Dr Anand Joshi. Dr Anand Joshi does the IVF in visual fertilization, in which the sperm of man directly fertilize into the women egg. He guarantees them that all will be done carefully and also say that we have good fertilization team.

Unwanted Twist Of the Film

At the reception, Batra name called then two Batra families collide with each other that time for the first. After that both Varun, Deepti and honey, Monika in the doctor’s cabin. Dr Anand Joshi and his wife Dr Sandhya Joshi tell them that they have done a mistake. The mistake is Varun’s sperm fertilized into Monika’s egg and Honey’s sperm got fertilized into Deepti’s egg. Both got out of control of anger, Honey call sperm as spam which was so funny.

No one was able to do anything doctors apologize for their mistakes. Everyone went their home after a day honey call to Varun and ask that his son is good or not, Varun shouts on him and cut the call. They went to their house but Varun and Deepti ignore them and shut the door. Honey and Monika buy a flat in their apartment for a daily checkup and take care of his child which was in the Deepti’s stomach.

Movie Teach Us to Accept What Life Gives Us

Varun appoints a paper in which written that after the delivery Honey will not have any authorization on his child and as well as Varun. But Honey doesn’t agree on that and tears a part of the papers. Monika tries to make bonding with Deepti she meet her on the morning walk and ask for coffee and more. On the other side Honey also try to make bonding with Varun but Varun and honey got to fight in the bar and next day onwards they don’t talk to each other.

At the time of delivery, one of the babies was preborn and not healthy so the baby was in the O.T and fighting in between life and death. Then both families got emotional and make connections with each other. They don’t fight anymore with each other and accept them as they are. After someday baby got survived and after a week others family baby also got delivered. Both families were happy and meet each other’s child.

A happy end was able to see in this film. The story concept of this film was very food. The total box office of Good newzz is more than ₹200 crore. IMDB rating of this film is 7.

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