What is Mirzapur ??  When Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date ??

Mirzapur is a series whose 3rd season is coming, to watch and download it, you have to go to its original platform which is Amazon Prime Video. To watch or download it, you have to take subscription of Amazon Prime video and it is coming on 5th July and in which Before this, both the seasons have also come and we will get to watch them only on Amazon Prime Video.

Who is playing the lead role in Mirzapur:-

Pankaj tripathi      (kaleen bhayia)

Ali Fazal.                (Guddu pandit) 

Vikrant Massey.    ( Bablu pandit) 

Divyendu               (Munna)

Rashika Dugal.     (Beena)


Mirzapur series has been given a rating of 10/8.5 by IMDb and on the other hand, Hindustan Times has given this series a rating of 5/2.

Audience rating summary has given 4.6

About The Story:-

This is the story of Mirzapur, a city in Uttar Pradesh, in which it is shown how the people live there, in which it will be seen how one man rules the entire Mirzapur, seeing which a boy named Guddu Pandit from the same city. He also develops a desire to rule the entire Mirzapur, due to which he also wants to become a goon and starts creating fear among the people. At the same time, he also starts thinking of killing Kaleen Bhaiya, who rules the entire Mirzapur.

Munna and Guddu Pandit used to study in the same college and Munna likes a girl in it and he starts trying to make her his girlfriend After which the girl marries Guddu Pandit and seeing this, Munna gets angry and kills the girl and Guddu's brother Bablu is also murdered and now Guddu Pandit becomes alone after which Guddu kills Munna.

What Can You Watch In This Season:-

In this season, we will get to see what will happen next to all the stories of the previous season, in which there are many small issues like:-

•Whether the plan made by Guddu Pandit to kill Munna and Kaleen Bhaiya has succeeded or not because in the last season we had seen that someone takes away Kaleen Bhaiya.

•It also remains to be seen whether Guddu will be able to rule the throne of Mirzapur or not.

•Robin, who is trapping Guddu Pandit's sister Dimpy and can take revenge from Guddu by marrying her, will be seen in this season.

•Golu, who is Sweety's sister, was trapping Dadda's son, in which he also gets trapped, after which Dadda comes to know that Golu is trapping him, so how will Dadda save his son?

•Will Munna's wife take revenge from the person who killed Munna or not? And will she take over the post of MLA herself or give it to someone else?

•Kaleen Bhaiya's wife has killed Kaleen Bhaiya's father and will Kaleen Bhaiya ever come to know about the activities his father used to do with Kaleen Bhaiya's wife?

•Guddu and Bablu kill Ratishankar Shukla and that too without informing Kaleen Bhaiya, after which Ratishankar's son Sharad Shukla is now trying to revange his death.

Why Is It So Popular:-

The popularity of this series is due to the stories shown in it and also the work done by the characters in it also makes it popular. Kalin Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) is playing the lead role in it and has been playing the lead role since the beginning. Because of some words spoken by his son Munna, it is attracting people towards itself and other characters have also contributed very well like Guddu Pandit and his brother who are now doing gangster gang to rule Mirzapur So that it can rule over Mirzapur

Some street incidents spoken by the characters working in it make it popular, which people have liked very much.


What is Mirzapur  ??  When Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date ?? Mirzapur is a series whose 3rd season is coming, to watch and download it, you ...