Movie Snippet :

The new joker came on the poster Joaquin Pheonix, his acting was mysterious and commendable. In the s tarting of film joker struggle too much for his job and work. He always got kicked by his owner and never got appreciation from their friends. In the family, he has only her mother who never tells her who was his dad. His mother struggling from some disease. Joker takes care of her mother, joker also having medical issues he laughs at any situation or any time.

Sad Thing About Joker

He doesn’t have many friends and always in the search of a job. He smokes a lot and also consults about his life to his doctor. He never got real happiness in his life but he is having a laughing problem so everyone thinks that he is too much happy all the time. Once he got interacted with the woman on his floor and they got some physical.

He follows his favourite comedian Murray Franklin, his mother and joker watch their show daily and enjoy a lot. Once he decides to become like him. Joker having his diary in which he wrote a lot of jokes. He went for the open comedy shows and step up on the stage he got nervous and not able to speak but after few minutes he opens his diary and read a joke but no one laugh on it so he’s got angry and came out of there.

Had Joker Tried to Meet His Father?

He got so much frustrated then her mother wrote a letter to his father and put it on the table and locked herself in the bathroom so that he will not get angry on her. That day joker got know that his father is Marry Franklin the great comedian. He controls himself and calls her mother out then his mother tells everything she tells him that his father doesn’t want to the world about me he paid me to raise you.

Her mother got admitted to the hospital. Joker wants to solve his financial problem so he went to his door and say “you are my father you have to take care of me” but Murray ignores him and throughout him out of his house.

When Joker Gets out of Control

After that joke comes to his apartment and go to his neighbour and kill her and also her child. Onward he went to the hospital and tell her mother that he never got happiness at once in his life but when he killed that woman and her child I got fun in my life.

Joker also kills his mother. He got invited on Murray Franklin show because his flop comedy video got viral on tv and internet so Murray calls him on his show. Joker gets to make up himself as colourful hair and red dress, white face, red smile very well. Everyone got impressed by his look on the show. When he steps on the stage and sit on the sofa he tells everybody the truth that he killed all of them everyone laughs on him.

Joker’s Real Comedy Comes

Joker says I know that it is the real fun but no one believes that but he says this the truth everybody got silenced. Then he pulled out his gun and kill Murray Franklin. Police caught him and taking him to jail but all public save him and the end scene was so good to see he stand up on the police car and wife his smile with his blood.

Joaquin Pheonix won the 2020 best acting Oscar award for his joker character in joker film. This movie rating is also high near about 8.5 out of 10 on the official IMDB.

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