Street Dancer 3D

This movie is based on dance basically. Inder battled in Ground zero and got injured in the last battle of his team. From then Inder getting recover and his brother Sahej dance with their friends D, Poddy, Shushi and more in streets which are known as Street Dancer. Inder visits his village for a marriage function where some Punjabi’s meet him by Chabbra and offer him some money in favour of them. They want to go in New York and make their life good with the help of sahej but sahej says no.

How Punjabi’s Come New York?

When Chabbra offers him more money also touch his heart emotionally then Sahej take them to New York. After reaching there they got disconnected with each other. Punjabi comes here to make a good life but there is nothing like that they got raid by police every day and homeless.

They run hiding from the police and play dhol for money. Other side Sahej bought a place with his money where their friend’s practice and his brother Inder teach small age students. Their opponents Inayat, zayn, Samaria and more which is known as Rule Breakers Pakistani dancers and Indian dancers compete with each other. They also fight between cricket match of India and Pakistan in the restaurant of Ram Prasad.

The Great Teaching Lesson In the Film

Ram Prasad save the food which is wasted by them and serve it to the homeless immigrants. One day Inayat saw him when Ram Prasad feeding them then Inayat decided that she will send them back to their countries and their homes. Ram Prasad knows that if both teams Street Dancer and Rule Breakers unite no one can defeat them. He said these words to Inayat but she refuses and Sahej also refused.

Both teams participate in ground zero competition. Street Dancer participates because Inder wants them to win this competition. Rule Breakers participate because they want to send homeless peoples to their homes. After one battle Sahej and his friends D, sushi and poddy join the team Royals. Inder wasn’t happy about that but doesn’t show it to sahej. Sahej girlfriend Mia is also in the royal’s team.

Sahej met the Punjabi person named Amrinder but he ignores him. Police also ask sahej that he knows about them but he ignored. After that rest of the Punjabi’s met him playing dhol in the street and the royal’s team caption cracks their dhol and slaps them. Sahej gave them money but they don’t take it sahej leaves from there and cry. After that, he decides to help Rule breakers and also wants to send those all homeless persons.

How They Win The Ground Zero Battle?

In the semifinals, Rule Breakers was at the endpoint of losing Sahej comes on the stage and fire the stage his friends also join and together they won the semifinals mia doesn’t like it. After that Sahej met them and hug Inayat together they decided to name their team street dancer. They started their practise for finals with royals. Inayat family doesn’t support dancing and her family got knew about that. Inayat was not able to join the team then sahej go to her house and tell them all how much she is a talented and good dancer. Everyone is ready to win the battle but when the performance gets started royal’s team member diffuses the lights then all the homeless immigrants start playing drums and cans. They win the show and sent them to their homes.

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