Tumbbad Movie Story :

“Poorti ki Devi” is the Devi who is the sign of Wheat and gold, this earth is a stomach of Devi. When everything started Devi gave birth 16 crore Devi and devta’s. Devi loves her firstborn son “Hastar”. But Hastar is very greedy he wants all wheat and gold of her mother. Hastar success in taking of gold but when he moves forward towards the wheat others Devi and devta’s attack he and Devi saved her but Devi takes a bet that his name never taken in future and no one will worship him. Many years hasted sleep in her mother’s arm but our elders make a temple of him and started worshiping him. From that day Tumbbad is in the rain because of the anger of others Devi and delta.

Who was Caught In the Room?

An old man keeps an old lady caught in a room because she was fast to go in and out from the well. His 2 son take care of her but she is having a curse of Hastar. One boy got dead and other leaves the Tumbbad with her mother. After many years Vinayak Rao comes back to Tumbbad and go to the room where his grandmother caught. She is now becoming a big tree they talk to each other and tell him how to get gold from the well but she warns him, Vinayak Rao is very greedy. He started to go down in the well and get gold and go back to his town. He always comes for 2 days a week and takes the gold.

Why Vinayak Rao Training His son for Climbing?

He never tells anything to anyone but he keeps training his son to go in the well and climb out from the well as fast as possible. He keeps getting gold from there and sold it in his town to pandit. Pandit also wants to know that form where he is getting all this.

After some years Vinayak Rao body becomes old and he is not able to go in the well. He comes home with empty hands. Then his son asks Vinayak to take him to Tumbbad. But Vinayak thinks he is not ready to go in the well. One day Pandit follows him to the Tumbbad and go in the well but Pandit doesn’t know how to do it and became the food of Hastar.

When Vinayak’s Son Got His Chance To Know The Truth

After this Vinayak decides to take his son to the Tumbbad. He taught him to make a doll of wheat because wheat is the hunger of Hastar and also a weakness for him. They both enter the well and make a circle of wheat and stand in the centre. Vinayak told him not to collect the coin but his son is also greedy as Vinayak was. Vinayak takes out the doll and through it to the Hastar suddenly his son go forward and collects the coin he was inches close to his death but Vinayak saves him and gets out of well.

When they come out Vinayak hit his son and told him not to come back again. One day Vinayak son gives him an idea that what about if we take Hastar bag. Vinayak and his son take a lot of wheat and leave for Tumbbad. They make a lot of dolls and enter in the well they make the circle and get a doll out.

Biggest Twist Of The Film

When they get one doll out one Hastar come but when they take 2 dolls out 2 Hastar come it makes them impossible to come out because they had many dolls and because of that ton of Hastar comes. Vinayak takes his bag and comes out well with his son.

Son was so happy but his father got cursed by the touch of Hastar so that his son kill Vinayak and go back to his home and never come back to Tumbbad.

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