Panchayat Season 3

Description:- Panchayat is a very good series due to which we are watching its 3rd season today and it is going to be as good as the first 2 seasons. In this season, we will get to see the rest of the story of the previous season. In Season 3 too, the same 8 episodes will be seen as before and each episode will be of 30 to 40 minutes in which a lot of good stories will be seen. Full credit for this series goes to its director, writer and the rest of the team who have contributed to it.


        Directed by:

Deepak Kumar Mishra

        Written by:

Chandan Kumar



        Starring:-                         Series name:-


        Jitender Kumar                 Abhishek

        Raghubir Yadav               Pradhan ji

        Neena Gupta                    Manju devi

        Chandan Roy                   Vikas

        Sanvikaa                          Rinki







How is it popular:- The reason behind becoming popular is that it depicts the issue of a small village Phulera. which is very much liked by the people and its characters have been portrayed very well, due to which today we call this series popular. Seeing it happening. What is making it most popular is its stories, which show how people live in villages and have their own way of living. There are two most important reasons for making this season popular, the first reason being the installation of toilet in Vinod's house by the Secretary, which takes a lot of hard work, while the second and most important issue is the fight between the MLA and the head of village, which people like to watch. All the secrets of the story that were left in the last season will be revealed this time, in which it will also be known what head of village will be able to win the election again or not.

Why should to watch:- The fun of watching it is different because it is about a city boy named Abhishek who is preparing for CAT, but he gets of secretary in a village. He is also pursuing his studies at the same time. There are also some different characters which people like a lot, like Vinod. In the last season, a toilet is installed in Secretary Vinod's house in which Vinod has to face a lot of trouble which is very fun to watch. There are other characters in it which compel one to watch it, in which there is another character named Bhusan, whom the villagers call Banrakash, who always keeps pressurizing the secretary to get the village road constructed, due to which the secretary is also troubled by. this season it will also be seen how the villagers will come together to stop the transfer of the Secretary because last time the Secretary had a fight with the MLA due to which the MLA got the Secretary transferred.

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