Dil Bechara – Shushant Singh Rajput

Shushant Singh Rajput Latest Movie (After his death) – This was the last Film of Shushant Singh Rajput which was filmed all about Love and life. In the starting of film, both character Kizie Basu and Manny was surviving with some health issues. Kizie Basu having cancer and Manny lost his one leg. Manny wasn’t able to pass out the graduation. His best friend was Jagdish Panday who was not able to see clearly and after some time he lost his eyes.

Once he comes on the stage and sing-song Dil Bechara friend zone ka mara. Then they met for the first time both. Slowly with the time drain, they both started to spend some time together. Once they both were on the beach type place and many say her you are my girlfriend but Kizie Basu says I’m not your girlfriend then manny says “chal juthi” or liar, this was the most lovable moment of Shushant Singh.

Movie Teach Us To Live Happy & Enjoy Life.

Manny and Jagdish Panday were shooting a film copying Rajinikanth sir action. Both were shooting together then they need a heroine in their movie Kizie was ready to do the shoot then Jagdish got an operation and lost his eyes but they didn’t stop shooting their film.

Manny has a reason to enjoy his life he says his father is rich so he doesn’t have to do any job. Kizie was about to die she doesn’t have much time to live her life. Kizie stop taking his calls and started ignoring him but manny directly enter her house through the window.

The important thing in Dil Bechara -:

Her last wishes were to meet her favourite singer she got the reply on mail by him about to meet in Paris. She was very excited to go to Paris but she got a medical issue and not allow to travel. But at last by forcing everybody her mother and Manny was ready to travel with her for caring.

All well reached Paris then manny and Kizie met the Singer named Abhimanyu but they weren’t happy to meet him. Kizie leaves the restaurant crying then they both go to the rides and enjoy travelling. They get back to their home.

Twist In The Story -:

Accidently Manny got the heart pain and everything got twisted. Kizie purposes him and says “I Love you” but manny doesn’t reply her back and say I can’t be with you more because he is having some kind of tree of cancer and was about to die in some days. Day by day manny getting sicker.

At last, he is having some counted days to live, the main focus was on the Kizie that she is about to die but the film gets the twist and then manny was about to die before her. Manny wants to listen to his ceremony speech by their friends Kizie and Jagdish Panday. They meet in the church and then manny listen to their speech and got cried with happiness.

After 2 days manny dies. In his memory film was shown on the screen and everyone enjoyed their film and missed him.

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