Team of Malang Film

Malang movie is all about the journey of a single boy and single girl. The main star role is played by Anil Kapoor as Inspector Anjaney Agashe, Aditya Roy Kapur as Advait ThakurDisha Patani as Sara NambiarKunal Khemu as Michael Rodrigues. Director and the Producer of the film is Mohit Suri and Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar.


Advait was so tensed with his all family matter issues so he decided to go on a tour. He gave his family picture to random knacker. He smoke a lot of drugs and alcohol. He was enjoying alone on the goa beach and drinking, watching the crackers in the sky. He clash with a girl whose name was Sara, Sara entry in the film was very good she came out of airport alone and give her laptop and cell phone to a beggar, at the place of party suddenly police came and raid on that place then Advait jumped from the wall and also get that girl with him. They ride on a bullet bike and in the searching of late night party.

Is Malang Movie All about the Drugs?

They went to a party and started finding drug pills, then they meet a person name Jessie who gave them eggs. Advait suggest her to take only half-half but Sara say live your life open and both take one-one pill and get high. After night in the morning Sara decided to go on her own way and tell Advait to go on his way. He also ask her for a contact number but she didn’t have any cell phone. She went on her way but Advait follows her and both decide to go together. They meet Jessie again on the beach where Jessie was so high in the drugs she always carry injection as a medication of high intoxication they save her.

The Diversion in the story

Everything going fine they are living their lives and enjoying well then Sara got pregnancy and tells him Advait got tensed and gone in the deep thought. Next day he left his camera in which all memories was kept and went for home then he meet first his old friend and his wife seeing of their he inspired by them and run for her Sara. Sara was not decided to abort her child she went to Jessie and tells everything. Jessie went out to get something to celebrate with her. Jessie do the drug dealing and prostitution for her needs. New character enters in the film a police officer whose name was Michael came to her and give money for sex but Jessie wasn’t there so Sara said no but Michael force her and Sara hit him with a lamp on the door Advait was knocking and smash the door enters and save her. Michael got injured police came Michael friends take them on the bridge and there Michael and their friend give them a drug injection Advait was not able to do anything, Sara tells him that she is pregnant but he didn’t listen and through her in the river. Advait got caught in the jail. After 5 years he came out.

When Killing’s Get Started.

He call a Police man named as Anjaney Agashe because he was a good man in the film, once her daughter got killed in the police raid on the party by a drug dealer. Then Agashe got out of control he encounter every criminal and started doing drugs and drinking. Advait call him before the killing of Michael’s one friend and say happy solstice. He killed every friend of Michael and got caught on the last killing but police doesn’t have any proof of his killings. Michael killed Jassie also. Then Agashe decided to encounter him. He sent everyone’s home and take him out on the same bridge. On the way to the bridge Agashe remind his face on her daughter’s death place. Where Advait was trying to save Sara there.

Malang movie Exposure

When Agashe was ready to shoot him, He ask him why all this, then he told him everything, that if I wasn’t caught in the jail then how Michael will go his home. On the other side Michael’s wife Teresa’s affair exposed and also know that Michael was not able to do physical relationship. Michael try to kill his wife but then Sara came and kill him, also save Teresa.

How Sara Got Survived?

Everyone want to know how she survived then in the movie shown that Jessie saw her when she is falling in the river, she get her out and give her recovery injection but her child didn’t survived. Agashe heard the news of Michael’s death and went for investigation but Teresa didn’t tell anything and case get closed.

Will Be There 2nd Part Of Malang?

In the film shown that Sara call Agashe and she is going to kill somebody then movie ends. As this movie got very good audience response and good rating so we can expect 2nd part of Malang.

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