Saadi Love Story

Story of this movie is very interesting there is so much suspense in the movie at different places. The main movie cast is Diljit Dosanjh as Rajveer No. 2Surveen Chawla as Preeti KaurAmrinder Gill as Rajveer No. 1Neetu Singh as Gurleen Kaur. This great film is directed by Dheeraj Ratta.

Story Begins:

Gurleen’s Family came to meet her and tell about the Vikram with whome they fixed her marriage, but gurleen says she loves Rajveer and she need 50 lakh rupees for their own business. Mr. Brar her Grandfather declined her demand and go home. At home Preeti gets to know about that all she insist her Nanu to give them money. Preeti call her sister and tell this good news. Gurleen was so happy and driving but accident happened with her and lost in Koma. Some days after News got viral on newspaper then Rajveer comes home and tell them his love story with Gurleen.

Rajveer No. 1 Love Story with Gurleen Kaur

Rajveer is a struggling photographer he meet her at the auto stand both are waiting for auto but she thinks that he is following her then some bad boys come and misbehave with gurleen, Rajveer saves her and then drop her to college but she left her ID card so he went to the girl hostel to give her ID card then someone saw him and call police Rajveer hide in her room but she tells everyone they are friends and he came to give her ID card. Mrs. Brar support him and Preeti enjoy the love story, Mr. Brar and Preeti Bhua didn’t like him.

Rajveer No. 2 Love Story with Gurleen Kaur

Rajveer No. 2 is a singer and he tells that they both meet at the petrol pump and fighting with each other for money. Next day Rajveer gets to know that he did a mistake and he went back to her to give money but this time she call some boys and tell that Rajveer is misbehaving with her then He beat all of them and then give her money. Both went for coffee and then he invites gurleen to his club concert. Gurleen got too drunk and went to rajveer house with him. At that moment they fall in Love. Bhua like him and also support him but this time also Mr. Brar and Mrs. Brar didn’t like him.

Rajveer No. 1 and Rajveer No. 2 got face to face and fought with each other. They ask for 50 Lakh for their business but Mr. Brar didn’t ready to give money to them, because one of them is fraud. Mrs. Brar and Bhua for them get on hunger strike. Rajveer No. 1 and Rajveer No. 2 takes their own plates and feed them. Preeti again insist Mr. Brar to give them money and say we have so much where we will take this all.

When Gurleen Comes Back

Mr. Brar ready to give them money but phone rings from hospital and news was that Gurleen got recovered but then Gurleen act as she lost her memory. At home she tells her sister preeti that she didn’t lost her memory and there is no Rajveer in her Life. They meet both to Rajveer’s and tell them truth and also ask why you are here and how you know all about that.

Climax scene of The Film

Rajveer No. 1 and Rajveer No. 2 was on the place where they heard talking sisters about all this on phone. After News they decided to get the money both sister promise them they will give 30 lakh to each of them. But both didn’t take money and leave the house. Next Day Gurleen tell’s the truth to everyone. Mr. Brar didn’t happy to know about the truth, he says after a long time happiness entered in this house but you take that away with your truth.

Finale Moment of the film

Preeti call both of them and tell what happened and tell them Gurleen’s true love was Vikram and he is getting married because of that Gurleen leaving to L.A. Rajveer No. 1 and Rajveer No. 2 find Vikram and leave him with Gurleen at the Airport, Rajveer No. 1 found his photographer girl which one was gonna marry with Vikram. Mr. Brar call him his own son and fix their marriage. At second face Rajveer No. 2 was purposed by Preeti and happy ending.

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