Sardaar Ji

Sardaar Ji movie is comedy and drama based film. The Film is directed by Rohit Jugraj Chauhan. In the film is Diljit Dosanjh as JaggiNeeru Bajwa as PinkyMandy Takhar as JasmineJaswinder Bhalla as Amreek SinghAli Kazmi as Bilal ChaudhryAnita Kailey as Ruksana Bibi.

Sardaar Ji movie snippet:

Jaggi was a kid when he learned to fight because his parents was dead in his small age. Jaggi is a ghost buster and his is having his own friends all ghost’s. He caught ghosts in his bottle and take them to his collection. He was waiting for her queen ghost and also having a big bottle for her queen.

Jaggi got a call for ghost busting but he didn’t take calls on Sunday but his partner gives him greed of her queen ghost, but the ghost was found a male. The other side Bilal Chaudhry want a house ghost free where Queen was invited on his marriage but no one was able to bust that ghost. Bilal heard his name so much and calls him and book his flight and call him in U.K.

Jaggi Reached UK and Found Her Queen.

Jaggi visit to that castle and found her queen there but she was so rude with her and didn’t talk her name was Pinky. Jaggi comes out without any harmed everyone is so happy to see him. Jaggi found her home and visit to meet her mother. Next day he visit again and this time he do the favorite things of Pinky and impress her. Pinky make a deal with her if he bring Jasmine to this castle then she will leave. Pinky told the story between both of them and why want jasmine in the castle, the reason is jasmine killed her.

Jaggi and Jasmine Love Story Begins

Jaggi find Jasmine and found that jasmine is a salsa teacher so he deposit all the fees but he join in between the semester but Jaggi claims he know basic salsa so Jasmine put test for him next day. Pinky says it’s impossible to learn salsa in one day but Jaggi insist her to teach. Next day he went for the test but he wasn’t passed and Jasmine tear his admission form, then he started real salsa and also do bhangra but she didn’t impressed. Next day everyone leaved the class and joined bhangra class. Jaggi and jasmine rehearsal as a couple but Jaggi run from there. After a day he found a new teacher but he didn’t want to learn from her. Jaggi visit to jasmine home there they collide together and got their clothes wet then after some minutes they eat snacks and Jaggi tells her about his girlfriend Lucy jasmine ask him for dinner together with Lucy.

Jaggi’s Lie Got Caught

Jaggi didn’t have any girlfriend he ask Bilal for a girlfriend but she drink a lot and didn’t eat anything and leave then they went a restaurant together Lucy leave from there by mistake jasmine drink alcohol and they enjoy that night together and made very funny videos and pictures together a very good moments. After a day he was visiting Pinky mom house he saw jasmine putting money in her mailbox. Jasmine hide out there and then tells the whole story between pinky and jasmine. She says that was an accident I didn’t want to kill her. Jasmine also tell him her feeling about him. Jaggi aslo fall in love with her and say her I love you. But after a day he tells the truth that he was sent to bring her to the Castle. Jasmine was so upset with him and said to leave her alone.

End story of The Film

Bilal marriage day has come and Jaggi was not able to do anything but Jasmine visit to the castle, Jaggi run and enter the castle and solve their misunderstanding. Pinky forget her about what she did with her, Jasime with a happiness leave out the castle but Jaggi wasn’t happy he went back to the castle and brink pinky back with him and they live happy together. The movie rating was so good and it’s so funny you should watch with your family and friends and enjoy the movie.

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