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Laxmii Cast

Laxmii movies is based on transgender horror story it is also an inspirational story. Film is directed by Raghava Lawrence and produced by Shabinaa Khan and Tusshar Kapoor. In the cast of the film is Akshay Kumar as Asif / Laxmi, Kiara Advani as Rashmi, Sharad Kelkar as Laxmi, Manu Rishi Chadha as Deepak, Ashwini Kalsekar as Ashwini, Rajesh Sharma as Sachin, Ayesha Raza as Ratna, Tarun Arora as MLA Girja and more. The main character of the film is Akshay Kumar and Sharad Kelkar.

Story of Laxmii on Bmovies

The start was from the Asif and Rashmi who leaved their home and run for marriage. They have a teen age boy who calls everyone by their name and also living happily but Rashmi got sad because of her family wasn’t with them 3 years went. On the day of anniversary she got call from her mother name Ratna and Ratna ask them to come home.

They go and meet every one in the family of Rashmi but Rashmi father’s (Sachin) wasn’t happy to see them and aslo don’t accept Asif. Asif and childerens decide to play cricket but they don’t have any ground to play but Asif ask for the empty plot Everyone refuse to play because that place known as haunted house but Asif says when he saw a ghost he will wear bangles. He assist everyone and go that place to play immideatly weather get change and he was fitting the stumps but stups got hit to the dead body, rain comes and everyone go home. Stumps was full of blood, he wash them in the plants.

Asif make Rashmi father to accept him and Sachin Ask him to make grass lemon tea, he tear some leaves from that plant in which he washed the blood, but Sachin didn’t drink tea so Asif drink it and then the ghost enter in his body. Asif start behaving like lady, he brought sarees, wear bangles and play with them in the night, bath with turmeric. Ashwini the wife of Deepak, Deepak is Rashmi’s brother, so Ashwini watch him doing all of this. She and Ratna went to a Baba and tell everything he give him some test to testify the ghost in the house, they verified the appearance of ghost in their house. Then baba denied to do anything because he can’t fight that high level ghost’s.

Ashwini ask him in front of everything then real laxmii says so you all get it know now good let’s eat together. But everyone fear with her and no body go near to asif. Laxmii in the body of Asif start killing peoples. Ratna and all family take him to Peer Baba and and he do some tricks and say he will come home and do some Pooja. Asif sit on the chair in the form of laxmii and Pooja got started, Laxmii start black mailing some peoples threatening family, so everyone run only one left who doesn’t have anything to loose, he ask her why she is here and then kept her in bottle.

What happened with Laxmii why she is so aggressive?

Laxmii was born in a middle class house and got kicked because of his unnatural behavior, she was a transgender, then a muslim Abdul Chacha adopt him and say live anyway you like and give him a new name laxmii. Abdul Chacha also having a child whose brain is having medical issue, he live like child always. Laxmii start doing work after some year’s she found same as her, she want to make her carrier. Laxmii brought a plot which was captured by MLA girja, she went to get her house she beat everyone and at last Girja give her plot papers, but his wife stab her in back and kill her, they also kill Abdul Chacha and small child. They bury them in their own plot from then no one able to visit that place. This was the whole story of Laxmii.

Baba Give asif a Taveej (bracelet) to wear some days, and through the bottle in the river. But Asif was not satisfied with it he want that Laxmii should get justice, so he unwind the bracelet and let her enter his body to get justice, She kill all of Girja family member’s and then she leave his body and everything got settled but after some months. She come back in his body because some people was misbehaving with her child.

How was the Audience Review?

The movie rating is very low 2.3 on IMDB and no one appreciating this film, because this type of movie was released before. The audience appreciate Akshay Kumar and Sharad Kelkar acting because they did very grateful work. But the story of the film wasn’t beatable as everyone expecting.

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