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About Cast and Crew of Chhalaang Film

The Chhalaang is basically Drama movie and it is directed by Hansal Mehta and produced by Luv Ranjan, Ajay Devgan, Ankur Garg and Bhushan Kumar. Released on Amazon Prime. The cast of the film is Rajkummar Rao as Mahinder Hooda/Montu, Nushrat Bharucha as Neelima, Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub as I.M. Singh, Ila Arun as Principal Ushal Gehlot, Saurabh Shukla as Shukla, Satish Kaushik and more.


The Film start from the showing of carrier of Montu who was PTI teacher in school and was not dedicated in his job. Shukla always been with Montu, He is also ex principal of that school. They both capture the lovers on the public society and complaint about them, that time one old age couples found by them and got on the news, they was Neelima parents. After some days new teacher join the school and came for teaching computer, Montu immediately fall in first sight love and start buttering her, but she know that montu was the one who did wrong with their parents, after some days he understand that couples things in the public society is not a crime and he apologize her and both go for a drink, but Neelima doest like the place after that they drink on the terrace with Shukla and Montu’s friend Dimpy.

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After a day new PTI (I.M Singh) join the school and principal Ushal invite him because he is more qualified and know more about sports but Montu doesn’t like it and talk about this to principal, she tell her that salary is the same you just have to work with him. Mr. Singh and Montu start training students and he also see that Neelima was attracting towards Singh, he drop her on his Bullet to her home. Montu purpose her in front of their parents but she neglect him and Montu leave her and doesn’t look her back again. 3rd day both got fight and both called in the principal office. Montu challenges him that choose any 3 sports and make your own team, who will win will got this job.

Principal not agree with this, Shukla make her understand that this will make change and then, three sports were choosen that was Basketball, Race and Kabaddi. Montu give Singh first opportunity to select the students, after that montu select random students because sports player wasn’t left any more. Both start training their students, but after some time he get to know that these students can’t play that time Neelima comes to him and ask to meet in the evening but he decline and start taunting with the name of singh. In evening at her place he visit and see she was teaching dance those students who was not able to dance, Neelima teach him that we are teachers our work is to teach at our best level and his father also encourage him and support him.

Montu start training their students by different training methods and by fear they got understanding the techniques and enhancing their stamina, strength and endurance. Before the competition all parents disagree to play their children’s in sports and take them to home. Montu’s father was an advocate, Neelima with him visit all parents and by blackmailing or by some tricks they manuplate them to send their students to school on the competition day.

Everything was settled, students were ready to compete. First Match of basketball got started and Singh’s team beat other team with only 8 points. Montu was so happy but students wasn’t happy with the result but montu tell them this was the team which can defeat you with 80 Points lead but they won only by 8 points. Pinky was the one who performed very well and got injured.

Next sport was race and he decide last student was specks boy, Meelima objection to him that he will get pressure and not able to reach the line but he doesn’t listen. At the time of that boy he get the dogs to bark on the mike, Boy got fear and run so fast and reach the line. Montu’s team won the 2nd sports. Next day in Kabaddi match one player got injured and not able to perform that time pinky was ready to perform. Montu’s team was losing the match and the last player Pinky was left to perform and they want more than 6 points. Pinky perform beyond the thought of everyone, she got everyone on the line with her and won the match.

The Important thing in Chhalaang :

Montu give a speech and also move forward to singh with friendship bond and tell him that if he doesn’t come in his life he will never become serious and motivate towards his job and offer him to work together. This film teach us a very good lesion that we should never give up.

The movie rating is also good it is near about 7.9 on IMDB.

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