Redemption day

Redemption day is the movie of year 2021 and under the guidance of Hicham Hajji it was directed and it is basically an action and thriller based film. Makers present it on January 8, 2021 with runtime 1 hour 39 minutes on the screen.


In this movie we saw that Kate is Brad Paxton’s wife and in Morocco she is working and there she was kidnapped. When her husband knows all these things he wants to save her at any cost and during these efforts of him we saw that he comes in the form of action and did a dangerous operation to save his wife.

With a tracking shot of US Marine Brad Paxton the movie starts, we see him walking through the military outpost because he has to receive some orders there. After  all this he wants to become a family man for some period of time and he comes to the home after completing his mission but there he finds that his wife is absent and this kidnapping is done by some terrorists to stop Brad from his mission.

In the middle of the film it looks the same as other American military based movies. Nothing is new in this also. Much action seems not provided in the film that is able to catch the audience but the main thing is the presence of Gary Dourdan in the film makes it watchable.


In this movie we saw so many stars playing different roles. We saw Gary Dourdan plays the role of Brad Paxton, Samy Naceri as Jaafar El Hadi, Ernie Hudson shown as Ed Paxton, Serinda Swan as Kate Paxton; Martin Donovan plays the character of Tom Fitzgerald, Brice Bexter as Younes Laalej, Andy García comes as Ambassador Williams and Robert Knepper comes as Mysterious Oil Lobbyist. In the presence of  Lemore Syvan, Sam Chouia and Hicham Hajji his plot was written. Under the guidance of Philip Lozano, Cinematography was completed. And in this movie we saw Sacha Chaban as the composer.


Filming was completed in different areas to give a realistic and interesting appearance to the film. Mainly most of the filming was completed in five locations and these are Rabart in Morocco, in New York City of USA, in Oasis Studios of Morocco, Commune de Tarmigt, Ouarzazate in Morocco, Ouarzazate in Morocco and last but not the least is Casablanca, Morocco.


Redemption Film, Buffalo 8 Productions and H Films are the main production companies of the film. By Première TV Distribution, Première TV Distribution, GEM Entertainment and Première TV Distribution films distribution was completed.

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