The Devil’s Light

The devil’s light is the movie of year 2021 and this movie is basically a mystery based film which contains lots of thriller and horror. Under the guidance of Daniel Stamm it was directed and in the presence of Paul Brooks, Jessica Malanaphy and Earl Richey Jones it was produced. Robert Zappia is the writer of the movie.


In this we saw the story of a 25 years old sister Ann. She believes that to perform exorcisms is her decision. But with the institution’s traditions; she is at odds and that is only priests are allowed to perform exorcism but sisters are not allowed.

After this we saw that a mentor supports her and this mentor is basically a professor and he understands about her special and unique gift that is she can observe and sense the actual training sessions. She has a desire and that is she wants to prove herself and this desire takes a twist when she meets with most disturbed and tensed patients from the school.

We saw that with a demonic force that infests the school and to her own past she has mysterious tries and sister Ann comes face to face. After this we saw that the power of evil and her capabilities are completely realized.

Overall it is a good movie to watch and you will definitely enjoy it so go and watch.


In this movie we saw a large star cast and they play different roles in their way and make this movie interesting and by their performance they are able to catch your attention towards the story and they grape you to watch the whole movie without any problem.

The entire star cast did fabulous work and everyone appreciated their work and liked their performance in the movie.

In this movie Colin Salmon plays the role of Father Quinn, Virginia Madsen was casted in the film to play the role of Dr. Peters. We see Nicholas Ralph in the role of Father Raymond, Ben Cross was casted to perform the role of Cardinal Matthews, Jacqueline Byers plays the role of Sister Ann, Christian Navarro looks in the role of Father Dante,Lisa Palfrey comes as Sister Euphemia,

Tom Forbes looks in the role of Matt, Velizar Binev plays the role of Father Bernhard, Owen Davis performance the role of Emcee at Pub, Debora Zhecheva looks in the role of Young Ann, Posy Taylor was casted as Natalie, Cora Kirk performance the role of Emilia and last but not the least Elizabeth Gibson was casted to perform the role of Sister Kylie in the movie.

Nathan Barr gives the music in the film. Denis Crossan did the cinematography. Tom Elkins was responsible for the film editing. Preslava Hristova and Jill Trevellick did the casting in the movie.

Lora Venkova was the art director. Daniela Avramova was the makeup and hair department head, Milen Ivanov was the key hair stylist and Anna Ivanova was the key makeup artist.

Vessela Bannzurkova was the production manager.


Makers are decided to present the movie on January 8, 2021 and makers are also going to release it on 15 July 2021 in the Netherlands.


Gold Circle Films and Lionsgate are the production companies of the film and Lionsgate is the distributor company of the film.

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