Locked Down

Locked Down is the movie of year 2021 which is an American film which is based on romance and comedy. In the presence of Doug Liman it was directed and under the presence of P. J. van Sandwijk, Alison Winter and Michael Lesslie it was produced. This film is made within the Budget of $3 million.


So many incidents happen during lockdown and due to this there are so many real life based stories present and this movie shows one of them by giving the title ‘’ Locked Down’’. In this movie we saw the story of a married couple whose name was Paxton and Linda and in London they live their life.

Paxton is a delivery truck driver in this movie and Linda is a CEO in a reputed company of fashion designing. Suddenly due to the pandemic of COVID-19 in the whole world, lockdown arises and everything like their jobs, outing etc. stopped and they have to stay in house. But before the lockdown due to some problems they decided to separate from each other but when lockdown started they got a new chance to understand each other and things started to become normal and they came closer to each other in an unbelievable way and now they are together. This movie is a package of comedy plus romance and you will definitely enjoy it so watch it.


In this movie we saw so many stars playing different characters. We saw Anne Hathaway play the role of Linda which is Paxton’s wife, Lucy Boynton as Charlotte, Frances Ruffelle as Byrdie and they are Paxton and Linda’s neighbor, Ben Stiller as Solomon and he is Linda’s boss. We saw Stephen Merchant plays the role of Michael Morgan which is Head of Security at Harrods, Ben Kingsley as Malcolm and he is Paxton’s boss, Mindy Kaling as Kate and she is Linda’s former co-worker at Harrods, DulĂ© Hill as David and he seems Paxton’s half-brother, Katie Leung as Natasha, Jazmyn Simon as Maria and she is David’s wife, we see Claes Bang as Essien and he is the owner of Linda’s company, role of Linda’s co worker is played by Mark Gatiss as Donald, Sam Spruell looks as Martin and the character of Paxton’s co-worker is played by him and Chiwetel Ejiofor as Paxton and he is Linda’s husband.


Makers are going to present this movie on 14, January, 2021 in the United States in the English language with a run time of 118 minutes and HBO Max got all rights to it in 2020.


We saw that AGC Studios, Storyteller Productions, Hypnotic and Nebulaster are the production companies of the movie and Warner Bros. Pictures are the distributor company.

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