Butcher is the movie of year 2021 in the English language and it is basically a mystery movie with lots of thriller and horror present. Under the guidance of Adrian Langley it was directed and in the presence of Adrian Langley, Kevin Preece and Doug Phillips it was produced. Adrian Langley and Daniel Weissenberger were the writers of this film.


With an amazing scene, the movie begins. We see Owen and Oswald are the brothers and by Watson a young couple was ambushed because there car has stopped. After this we saw that the man was killed and the woman was kidnapped by someone. After this an old horror movie was shown in which we saw that a group of young friends and they were on a road trip and suddenly their car stopped and due to the hilly area they needed help and due to this they split. Two of them stay in the car and two go for help. The ending is also not good.

When you watch the movie you will realize that it’s fairly entertaining, but the story is not original. In this we saw that some good ideas were shown by the makers but at same time also some stupid character moments were present. Overall we can say that it was totally a mixed bag in every aspect. Overall the idea and the story did not blend completely but after this into the category of an average film its able to fall, makers show everything positive in this film and due to this, its offer there is something you could find to hate about it.

But besides from the story performance of Simon Phillip’s as Owen was great and it was able to hook you from start to finish, but there is not anything that will live long in the memory and you want to watch the movie again. After this if you’re a fan of the horror genre then you would watch this film but before this just keeps your expectations low because there was nothing in the movie due to which we can say it is horror.

As a spiritual sequel, Butchers work in many ways. We see that some exciting new directions were offered in the film.


In this movie we saw a large star cast and they play different roles in their way and make this movie interesting and by their performance they are able to catch your attention towards the story and they grape you to watch the whole movie without any problem.

In this movie we saw Simon Phillips as Owen Watson, Michael Swatton plays the character of Oswald Watson, Julie Mainville looks in the character of Jenna Simpson, Anne-Carolyne Binette plays the role of Taylor Smythe,  James Hicks looks in the role of Mike Crenshaw, Nick Allan plays the character of Willard,  Blake Canning was casted in the film to perform the character of Steven Crane, Samantha De Benedet looks in the role of Celeste, Jonathan Largy performs the role of  Oxford.

Adrian Langley is the director and screenwriter. Under the guidance of Adrian Langley, Cinematography is done in the film. Adrian Langley is responsible for the film editing.


Makers are going to present this movie on 12 January 2021 with a runtime of 1 hour 33 minutes in the USA.


UNIT XIX is the production company of the film and Red Hound Films and Sharp Teeth Films are the distributor companies.


Filming was completed in the areas of Ottawa, Ontario and Canada.

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