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Baby Done is the movie of year 2021 and it is based on the comedy and follows the up and down of a parents before the birth of child. Under the guidance of Curtis Vowell it was directed and in the presence of Morgan Waru it was produced.


IMDb : 6.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes : 96%

Baby Done – Story

In this movie we saw that Zoe and Tim was a happily married couple and they spend their life together. One day they knew that they are expecting a baby and after the test it is confirmed that they are going to become parents. But as we all knew that after becoming parents everything would changes, lots of responsibilities enter in the parent’s life. They have to change their daily routine, their way of work and their way of spending time with each other and due to all these common things Zoe and Tim decided that they did not changed after becoming parents and their parenthood did not spoil their life. But we saw a strange twist in the movie and that is Tim wants to become a father desirably but his wife Zoe did not want to become a mother. Its look like that she is not ready for the new responsibilities. She thought that after becoming a mother her life would change and it’s not being her anymore.

Zoe did all his efforts to convinced her, he said that pregnancy is a golden and grace full period , he told her that before the birth of child he fulfilled all her dreams, took her on the trips, dinner, shopping and both of them enjoyed their dreams before the child birth. And we saw that Zoe pushes his wife for the child and this affects her and due to this it case problem for their relationship also.

Baby done is funny, sweet and most catching movie and you will definitely enjoy it.

Cast and Crew

There are lots of stars present in the film. Rose Matafeo was castes as the Zoe, Matthew Lewis plays the character of Tim, Emily Barclay looks in the role of Molly, Rachel House plays the character of Principal Mullins, Nic Sampson castes as the preggophile Brian, Madeleine Sami play the character of Hospital Midwife, Hospital Midwife present in the movie as Sonny, Olivia Tennet play the character of Beth, Loren Taylor was presents as Penny.

All the stars did fabulous job and everyone liked their performance.

Leon Radojkovic is the music composer of the movie, Ian McCarroll did the cinematography and Sarah Crowe did the fabulous casting of the movie.

Richard Shaw did the film editing, Louise Harris was the makeup designer and Coti Herrera was the makeup artist.

Company Credits

Piki Films is the Production Company and Madman Films and Pacific Northwest Pictures are the distributor companies.

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