MAARA is basically a romantic drama film of India featured in Tamil language and under the guidance of Dhilip Kumar it was directed and in presence of Prateek Chakravorty and Shruti Nallappa it was produced. This resembles the story of Malayalam film directed by Martin Prakkat and the name of the film is ‘’CHARLIE’’.


In this movie we saw that a young woman character is played by Shraddha Srinath whose name is Parvathy and she is a painter. The best thing of this film is that it looks like the old movie but doesn’t copy it by using the source material or we can say the raw materials director put his efforts and hard work and converted those materials into watchable platter. Good quality of lighting, visuals and music act as icing on the cake and make the movie more creative. But we cannot ignore the hard work of stars. In her character Shraddha did remarkable work and average work is done by the supporting cast.

In starting this movie looks interesting and seems watchable by showing the romance between Paru-Maara but at the end focus was divided from them and became not able to catch the audience and looks diverted from the plotline.


In this movie we saw so many stars performing different characters and trying to justify their roles in the film. We saw Madhavan as the Manimaaran (Maara), M. S. Bhaskar as Usman Bhai, Shraddha Srinath plays the character of Parvathi (Paaru), Sshivada as Kani, Vishnu Govindhan plays the role of Gulfy guy, Abhirami plays the character of  Selvi, Moulee as Velayya, Punya Elizabeth shown as Paaru’s friend, Ananth Nag as Bala, character of Thief is played by Alexander Babu, Maala Parvathi shown as Paaru’s mother, Kishore as David, Geevee Vignesh as Afzal Joseph Francis, Appukutty plays the role of Lingam, Minon as Young Maara, R. S. Shivaji as Selvam, we saw Seema as Paaru’s grandmother, Guru Somasundaram as Chokku, Aaradhya Shri as Baby Paaru, Padmavati Rao as Mary/ Meenakshi, Rajesh Sharma as Logu, Naveen George Thomas as Mithra and Junior Balaiah is also present in the film.


To prevent the spread of COVID-19, theaters are not open and due to this director decided to present the movie by help of Amazon Prime Videos. Firstly the release date was December 17,2020 but due to some issues it shifted and January 8, 2021 is the new date to release the ‘’MAARA’’.


From critics it received positive reviews and by ‘’THE TIMES OF INDIA’’ it was able to receive 3 stars from the 5 stars and out of 5 it is able to gain 2.75 star rating from the Indiaglitz. Overall this movie seems a good entertainment pack due to performances of stars.

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