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76 DAYS is the movie of year 2020 and it is an American documentary based film and under the guidance of Hao Wu, Weixi Chen and Anonymous it was directed and in presence of Hao Wu and

Jean Tsien, it was produced. Story of the film was written by Hao Wu.

In the early days of COVID-19 pandemic this film was stated. These makers show the fight of the survival of the common man during the pandemic in the Wuhan city of china. On 14, September 2020 at the Toronto International Film Festival it had its world premiere.

IMDb : 7.2/10

Rotten Tomatoes : 100%

Metacritic : 84%

76 DAYS Story

As we all knew that covid was started from Wuhan, a city of china. Covid spread very rapidly in the city and due to this they locked down the city for the 76 days. But this lockdown was only for the normal people while hospital staff Suffers with the huge amount of covid patients and they have more work and it is also dangerous for them.

But they have to attain the patients and they use all protective equipment and maintain safety. Their name was written on the coat and due to this it is easy to identify them. But the staff which are not from Wuhan mention their city and that’s why it’s easy to identify them also.

In this story and pain of many patients are shown. There are so many sad stories that are present like separation of a newly married couple, separation of a mother and a new born baby, old parents and their children. Besides the hospital scenes, makers show the pain of the outside world during lockdown. This movie looks like a tribute to the all doctors and hospital staff that did a fabulous job to save our life without caring about them. Many doctors lost their lives because of covid and there are so many stories of doctors and their unforgettable contributions for us.

This movie is the first movie which shows the effect of pandemic and you will like it when you watch it.

Cast and Crew

Hao Wu wrote the story and Chen Weixi and Anonymous did the cinematography of the film. Hao Wu edited the movie.


Official Movie Website – https://www.76daysfilm.com/

U.S distribution rights are gained by the MTV Documentary Films. On 16, October, 2020 at AFI fest it was also screened. Maker’s going to present this film on 4 December 2020, with a runtime of 93 minutes.

Companies’ credits

76 Days LLC, Ford Foundation, XTR Film Society and Sundance Institute are the production companies of the film. MTV Documentary Films and MM2 Entertainment is the distributor of the movie.

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